Bob Yan

    Principal Solicitor

    Mr. Yan is qualified as both PRC lawyer and Hong Kong solicitor. Prior to establishing Yan Lawyers, he worked in PRC law firms, an international law firm and Hong Kong local law firms successively.

    Mr. Yan has extensive experience in a broad range of PRC-Hong Kong cross-border legal affairs, with particular focus on the legal practice of PRC-Hong Kong civil and commercial litigation, Hong Kong arbitration, corporate legal affairs, commercial legal matters, inheritance and probate, trusts, matrimonial law, immigration and Visa, etc.

      Edward Tai

      Consultant Solicitor

      Mr. Edward Tai is a consultant of our firm. Born and educated in Hong Kong, he is a solicitor admitted in Hong Kong, Australia (NSW & SA) and England & Wales.

      He started off his legal career by practicing as a commercial litigator in Hong Kong, handling primarily commercial disputes and legal proceedings relating to corporate insolvency and restructuring.

      After that, he went in-house and worked with such prominent listed corporations. In the last 10 years, he has been mainly focused in the law and commercial practice relating to cross-border M&A, corporate finance and listing compliance.

        Vito TAO

        Associate Solicitor

        Ms. Tao is qualified as Hong Kong solicitor. He graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with her Juris Doctor (JD) degree and Postgraduate Certificate in Laws (PCLL). Ms. Tao’s practice area mainly focus on civil litigation, including commercial litigation, familly law litigation, probate litigation, etc.

          Ken Xie

          Lawyer (PRC)

          Mr. Xie graduated from Sun Yat-sen University of PRC with a LLB Degree. He is qualified as a PRC lawyer and had practiced as a PRC lawyer in Shenzhen before joining our firm. Mr. Xie’s practice area focus on cross-border inheritance, probate, litigation in PRC, transfer of property in PRC, etc.

            Stella Cai

            LLB, LLM, Admitted in PRC

            Ms. Cai received legal education in the Mainland China and Hong Kong with an LLB degree and a LLM degree consecutively.  Ms. Cai is qualified in the Mainland China. She is a member of our Corporate and Commercial Practice Team and her legal experience involves merger and acquisition, shareholder agreement, joint venture, share charge, trust arrangement, non-competition agreement, employment laws, etc.

            • Tel: 3188 1995
            • Location: Hong Kong, Shenzhen

              Claire LIU

              Trainee Solicitor

              Ms. LIU is a trainee solicitor of our firm. She completed her legal education in the Mainland China and Hong Kong consecutively.  She obtained her LLB degree from the Wuhan University of China, and obtained her Juris Doctor degree and PCLL from the City University of Hong Kong. Her practice experiences focus on commercial litigation, and corporate and commercial laws.

                King CHU

                Senior Legal Executive

                Mr. Chu is a Senior Legal Executive of our firm. He completed the course for the Legal Executive and had over ten years experience working in legal industry in Hong Kong. Mr. Chu is a member of our litigation team mainly assisting the litigation lawyer in handling commercial litigation, divorce litigation, probate litigation, etc.