Yan Lawyers provide a full-spectrum scope of legal service regarding Hong Kong SAR and/or the People’s Republic of China. The following is a brief (but not exhaustive) description of the typical matters that the lawyers of Yan Lawyers handle. You are advised to inquire to the lawyers of Yan Lawyers for any specific legal issue you encounter.

Civil and Criminal Litigation 

  • District Court or High Court Action
  • Litigation regarding trademark & patents disputes
  • International trade litigation
  • Maritime litigation
  • Trust litigation
  • Matrimonial litigation
  • Probate litigation
  • Shareholder disputes and litigation
  • Financial fraud litigation
  • Litigation regarding E-mail hacking fraud
  • Loan, guarantee, mortgage litigation
  • Enforcing PRC and overseas judgments in Hong Kong
  • Application of injunction
  • Enforcement of judgments

International Arbitration

  • Representing clients in initiating arbitration claim at HKIAC, CIETAC or other arbitration centres.
  • Representing clients in defending arbitration claim at HKIAC, CIETAC or other arbitration centres.
  • Enforcement of PRC or overseas awards in HKSAR
  • Defending enforcement of arbitral awards in HKSAR
  • Application to set aside arbitral award issued in Hong Kong
  • Application of freezing orders for enforcement of awards
  • Anti-suit injunctions in aid of arbitration proceedings in/outside Hong Kong
  • Commercial arbitration
  • International trade arbitration
  • Maritime arbitration
  • Enforcement of awards issued in PRC and other countries

Corporate Legal Services

  • Establishing companies in Hong Kong, BVI and Cayman, etc.
  • Hong Kong company secretarial services
  • Share transfer, mergers and acquisitions, share allotment
  • Winding-up, liquidations and reorganization
  • Company deregistration, close of business
  • Administrative restoration of the company or application to the Court for restoration of the company
  • Company search of Hong Kong, BVI, Cayman companies
  • Trust arrangement on share holding
  • Establishing joint venture companies, drafting article of associations and shareholders agreement,  designing structures for shareholding and company control
  • Disputes over company control or shareholder’s right
  • Shareholders litigation
  • Conducting legal due diligence on Hong Kong companies and issuing legal opinion on compliance issues

Wills, Probate and Inheritance

  • Application of letters of administration
  • Application of grant
  • Representing resident from the Mainland China and other countries / Regions to handle the inheritance of estate left in the Hong Kong SAR
  • Representing resident from Hong Kong SAR and other countries / Regions to handle the inheritance of estate left in the Mainland China
  • Re-sealing of the overseas grant
  • Will drafting and witnessing the signing of Will regarding properties in Hong Kong SAR and the Mainland China
  • Assets planning by of trust or will
  • Litigation regarding probate and inheriance
  • Litigation by creditor against estate
  • International notarization or China attestation of inheritance


  • Petition or joint applicant for divorce by parties’ consent
  • Petition for divorce unilaterally
  • Adjustment of property and maintenance
  • Custody of the minority
  • Name change application of children
  • Drafting pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreement
  • Drafting separation agreement
  • Issuing and sending separation letter on behalf of the client
  • Mainland – Hong Kong cross-border divorce litigation
  • Enforcement of property adjustment orders granted overseas in Hong Kong and the Mainland China.

Security and Mortgage, Loan Services

  • Drafting and reviewing loan agreements;
  • Drafting and reviewing guarantees and mortgage deed;
  • Mortgage, floating charge, guarantee and other security issues;
  • Security over the shares of listed companies or shares of private companies;
  • Due diligence for project finance;
  • Loan fraud litigation;


  • Real estate transactions or transfer of title
  • Litigation regarding conveyancing issue
  • Mortgage and Registration of mortgage
  • Transfer of title in probate and inheritance matters
  • Handling of Matrimonial house related issues
  • Lease

China Appointed Attestation Services

  • Attesting documents for use in the PRC or other countries
  • Notarization of documents for use abroad
  • Notarization of Hong Kong companies registration documents
  • Preparation and notarization of power of attorney
  • Notarization of succession right claim
  • Notarization of documents for probate and inheritance matters
  • Notarization of marriage certificate
  • Notarization of evidences for used in litigation in PRC or overseas
  • Notarization of various documents, certificate and declarations

Chinese Legal Services

  • Hong Kong overseas residents inheriting the estate left in the Mainland China
  • Real property transactions and transfer of title in PRC
  • Civil and commercial litigation in PRC
  • Cross-boarder divorce proceeding regarding Hong Kong and the Mainland China
  • Transfer of shares and related registration matters regarding Mainland company
  • Cross-border litigation and arbitration;
  • Setting up joint venture in PRC and apply for various licenses;
  • Providing and issuing legal opinion on PRC law