About Yan Lawyers

Yan lawyers is a law firm headquartered  in Hong Kong and with an office in Shenzhen PRC. We are an  expanding law firm featured in the provision of one-station Hong Kong & PRC legal service to clients all over the world.


We expertise in handing all kinds of Hong Kong – PRC cross-border matters.

Our legal team consists of lawyers qualified as Hong Kong solicitor and/or PRC lawyer with legal background and experience of both PRC and Hong Kong.  We expertise in Hong Kong – PRC cross-border legal matters and can provide one-station solution to client’s cross-border issue by examining and applying the laws of both sides  。

Our practice area including litigation, arbitration, corporate & commercial matters, matrimonial, cross-border probate, immigration, trust, listing company compliance, etc.

Our Culture

We advocate a culture of Honesty & Integrity, Professionalism & Practicality, Open-minded for Co-operation and Development.

Our Vision

With regard to professional services, we remain excelsior in finding best solutions that will most efficiently tackle a client’s real problem, drawing upon the legal skills and experiences of solicitors with different areas of expertise.

With regard to team-development, we hope we could foster a family-like atmosphere, enabling everyone herein, solicitors and staffs, to work and live happily, positively, productively and fruitfully.

With regard to future development, we hope we will become a highly professional, large-scale law firm, providing high quality, one-station, cross-border legal service to Chinese all over the world.